Best Twisted Fate Skin

Twisted Fate has been a trademark mid lane champion for over a decade. He managed to stay relevant regardless of the meta. In addition to that, he has been a part of the early League of Legends cinematics making him more popular with the new players. Due to that, there were 13 different skins released for TF. We took a look at all of them and settled for the 8 best Twisted Fate skins right now.

8. High Noon Twisted Fate

High Noon TF

In this skin, the master of cards found himself in the Wild West. While emptying the pockets of the opposition and breaking numerous hearts he became the most famous gambler on the high frontier. The skin costs 975 RP. He wears Western-style clothes with a hat to top it off. The best part of the skin is his extremely smooth auto attacks.

7. Tango Twisted Fate – Best Budget Skin

Tango TF

It might seem weird that skin with no new animations or sound effects can be a contender for the best budget skin. So let me explain why it can. Firstly, we have to start with the spectacular splash art. TF dances with Evelynn in a stunning view. He appears confident and assuring. He wears a red jacket with black pants and a hat.

In-game, his walking animation is one of the best of any skin, and in addition to that his hitbox is harder to notice. While it may not be the best TF skin, for just 520 RP every Twisted Fate player should have this skin in their arsenal.

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6. Blood Moon Twisted Fate

Blood Moon Twisted Fate

At number 6 comes the first skin with updated animations and new sound effects. The evil TF is an ever-present cult leader. His outfit doesn’t differ much from the base skin. It simply seems upgraded with darker colors and an intimidating mask. For the price of 1350 RP, this skin is definitely underwhelming and far from his best skin. The best part of the skin is his recall animation in which he teleports back to the base by walking through the suspicion door.

5. DWG Twisted Fate

DWG Twisted Fate

As is the tradition after every World Championship, in 2020 World’s winner ShowMaker chose TF to represent him in the game. His outfit is blue and white, the team’s trademark colors. In the recall animation, he lifts the World’s trophy and ShowMaker’s signature is also seen. After selecting a card with his W it appears over his head in an updated animation that is glowing.

Now onto the cons, the outfit feels cheap and too simple. We expect more from a 1350 RP skin. Also, the same shade of blue is present in all of the abilities quickly making them uninteresting. It’s awfully similar to Pulsefire but worse. But it’s a legacy skin that is available only sometimes so it can have some sentimental value. Especially for DWG fans.

4. Pulsefire Twisted Fate

Pulsefire TF

Thematically Pulsefire TF is a brother of DWG one. Although even though it is 3 years older than DWG it’s still the superior one. It’s kind of ironic that Riot made 2 relatively the same skins but didn’t improve over the years. Anyways, here is what makes Pulsefire better. Just by seeing the splash art one can assume that he is an intergalactic con-man. He appears to be running away after a successful heist.

He wears armor in the shape of a jacket and jeans. In-game, he has updated animations and sound effects. But that’s not all. It also has a voice filter making his voice distinguishable from the other skins. The animations are slick with the best one being his ultimate. A camera, or a drone appears over the enemies that spot and tracks them down. If you get bored of it you can quickly purchase one of the many chromas and give TF a new refreshing look.

3. Odyssey Twisted Fate

twisted fate skins

Odyssey TF is a space smuggler, and he looks exactly like we’d imagine one to look like. He has elegant armor made out of red, yellow, and blue colors. But it is the hat and his empty look that makes him scary. Riot kept up with the cyber version of TF and improved on the previous iteration that was Pulsefire.

The skin takes its simplicity and improves on some rougher spots. For instance, the skin animations are slicker than ever. During the recall animation, he feeds what appears to be small animals, cards. And they love it! It’s a rather difficult task presenting how good this skin is in the words, so see it for yourself at the end of the article.

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2. Underworld Twisted Fate

underworld tf

Another legacy skin on our list. It takes the number 2 spot on our best TF skin list. Unlike other skins in the top spots, it doesn’t have many features and additions. What makes it great are the theme and the appearance of the champion. He gives the doomed souls a chance back to life if they win a game of cards against him. But who would want to do that versus the card master himself?

The skin costs 975 RP but you’ll have to keep an eye on it when it becomes available. His outfit is very similar to the High Noon and base version of the skin. But that’s all irrelevant. What makes this skin great are its animations. They’re hard to spot and will give you an advantage over your enemies. His Q Wild Cards is so problematic that the skin even got banned in the professional competitions. But that doesn’t mean we can’t abuse it in SoloQ for some free MMR.

PAX Twisted Fate – Special Pick

most expensive lol skin

Even though we can’t rate PAX TF due to its low availability it seemed wrong not to give it a shoutout. It was a special skin given away at the PAX event in 2009. Since then it has been impossible to acquire it. As such, the accounts that have it are considered a luxury. The skin is priced at $300 meaning that if you would want to purchase an account with it, even if it had no other skins or champions you would have to pay that much. But even then, it’s hard to find it.

1. Crime City Nightmare Twisted Fate – Best Overall

Crime City Nightmare TF

Riot’s newest TF skin is absolutely spectacular. Let’s see what makes it the best Twisted Fate skin. Starting off with the splash art he looks amazing. His appearance is elegant yet mysterious. On top of that, it uses a new set of colors with black and white, something not seen on any other TF skin. His basic attacks are purple, and a trail follows them.

Secondly, his Q hitbox is hard to spot. When compared to the other skins his E animation is by far the best. The same can be said about his ultimate ability Destiny too. And if you find his outfit boring you can switch it up with one of the many available chromas. For the price of 1350 RP, it’s head and shoulders above his other skins.