7 Best Supports For Yasuo ADC

You are in a champion select after a long day at work or school. You got your favorite role, support, and can’t wait to protect your ad carry. As you are checking which champion you want to play, you notice something odd. Your ad carry instalocked Yasuo.

We made this list so you can avoid the stress of not knowing what to pick when your ally chooses an off-meta champion such as Yasuo. Read on and see which support champions synergize the best with Yasuo, as well as when you should pick them.




We’re starting this list with a bang. I bet you didn’t expect to see Soraka here. After all, doesn’t Yasuo need a champion with a knock-up? Well, not exactly. It all depends on whether your Yasuo is good or not.

If he is, Soraka is a perfect champion to complement him. Yasuo’s main weakness in a duo lane is a weak early game and short range. Once you add Soraka and her countless heals to the equation, that early game becomes much more manageable.

The duo falls a bit in the late game because Soraka’s heals won’t be as impactful as champions with point-and-click knock-up. You will be at your strongest in the mid game, so try to end the game during that period too.

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Alistar is a very simple champion. He jumps in and knocks up the champions around him. It’s Yasuo’s wet dream. It must be noted that Alistar’s ultimate Unbreakable Will makes him take less damage. So even though you are in the middle of the entire enemy team, you will most likely get out unscratched.

Alistar has a very weak level 1, so make sure to stay back and not take too much damage. Once you hit level 2 and level up both Headbutt and Pulverize, the fun begins.

When you pair Alistar with Yasuo you get a lane with a lot of engage and crowd control. Thus, your jungler will have an easy time ganking for you. However, if he doesn’t and you can’t reach the enemies, you will struggle.

This synergy is very weak in the lane if they don’t manage to get on top of the enemies. So don’t get stressed and feel like you must make a play. Your time will come later in the game, once you start moving around the map.


Rakan and Yasuo Combo

Rakan is my champion to go whenever I see Yasuo on my team. He has excellent mobility that allows him to follow Yasuo around. Only only that, but his W is a great spell to ensure kills. It knocks up champions allowing Yasuo to easily follow up with the Last Breath.

His mobility and sustainability work wonders in the lane. Enemies will always have to be wary of your movements, and even a single misstep will be your chance for an all in.

But it doesn’t end there. Level 6 is the big power spike for this bot lane combo. If you activate your ultimate The Quickness before Grand Entrance, you will charm the opponents and they will have no way of escaping your knock-up. At that point, Yasuo just needs to use his ultimate to clean up the fight.

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Janna and Yasuo Bot

If the fury of the wind isn’t enough, you can always call upon the storm to assist you if you decide to pick Janna. She can provide a knock-up for Yasuo with two of her spells.

The first is Howling Gale. It has a very short cooldown and is the most common way for Yasuo to use the Last Breath. The other one is Monsoon. It knocks up the enemies just for a brief moment, so your Yasuo will need fast fingers to utilize it correctly.

She has a very safe lane and can provide Yasuo with the support he needs. Her long range is more often than not enough to keep enemy adc from harassing your Yasuo. In the rare event that they walk up to hit him, simply use your Shield on him.

You need to be very careful when using your tornado. It’s the only disengage you have, so enemies will be looking to strike you whenever it’s on cooldown.



Nautilus is very tanky by default and serves as a great front liner. He has plenty of knock-ups that can set up your teammates at a moment’s notice. It’s one of the simpler combos out there. It looks like this: Nautilus ults an important target and Yasuo follows up on it. But there are a few tips and tricks you maybe didn’t know.

Firstly, Nautilus’s Q ability, Dredge Line is a knock-up. This often catches enemies off guard so it’s an important thing to have in mind. Nautilus’s ultimate follows an enemy until it throws them in the air. But what many players seem to forget is that it also knocks up anyone that is hit by it while it’s traveling to your target.

Due to that, your ad carry Yasuo will have plenty of opportunities to use the Last Breath and get into the enemy back line.

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Yuumi Yasuo Synergy

Yuumi works similarly to Soraka. Her job is to ensure that Yasuo gets out of the laning phase as strong as possible. She doesn’t have the setup potential of the other champions on the list, but she makes up for that with the extra stats and heals.

Nevertheless, this combo is one of the weaker ones in the first stages of the game. But that is easily overlooked because together they scale better than the rest of the combos on our list. Don’t forget about her ultimate ability either. The Final Chapter will keep enemies in place long enough for Yasuo to stack his knock-ups and get on top of them. Also, make sure to load into the game with Yuumi’s best skin. We have an article for that here.



Jungle Gragas and Yasuo mid are a very known and popular combo. Gragas can throw his ultimate from almost a screen away and it’ll always result in a knock-up. So why not do that on the bot lane as well?

Gragas has a strong early game which allows Yasuo to scale easier. He has good sustain with his passive and can easily set up ganks with the combination of Body Slam and Flash. Don’t forget that Body Slam also knocks up enemies momentarily!

When it comes to his build, you can go in one of two directions. First, you can build full AP at which point you become a carry yourself. On the other hand, you can build as a normal tank and play the front line. I would suggest looking at what your team is lacking and decide based on that.

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These are the best supports you can pick when your ad carry is Yasuo. They cover his weak spots and have plenty of ways to enable his ultimate, Last Breath. The usual support picks will work, just not as well as these. On top of that, there is something for everyone.

If you are more familiar with enchanters, you can pick Soraka, Janna, or Yuumi. On the other hand, if you prefer playing by running into the enemy team on your own then Nautilus, Alistar, or Rakan are the champions you should look at.