Malphite Mid Guide

Malphite is a very peculiar mid lane pick. He can solo win games, but also lose them on his own. It is important to know when to pick him so you don’t lose your hard-earned LP. Continue reading to learn how to play Malphite mid both as a tank and an AP assassin.

Is Malphite Mid Good?

Malphite is not your usual mid laner, like Azir, Viktor, or Ryze. While some people might find Malphite mid rather unorthodox, there are definitely scenarios where you can pull it off. However, the games where he will be a good pick will be much rarer compared to other traditional picks.

But this is where the beauty of mid-lane lies. Almost any champion can be played in the mid-lane. No matter if that is a tank, assassin, mage, ad carry, or even a support. The same applies to Malphite. There will be games where he will pop off, but also games where he will be a non-factor if picked at the wrong time.

When To Pick Malphite Mid?

Knowing when to pick Malphite mid is crucial for your success with this pick. He has a simple kit that fits into a limited number of team comps. On top of that, it depends on if you want to play him AP or as a tank. 

If you opt to play him with an AP build, you will need to make sure your team doesn’t have a lot of magic damage already. It is best if only one of your teammates does magic damage. That will ensure that enemies can’t just buy Magic Resist and ignore you. 

On the other hand, if you prefer playing Malphite as a tank, you will need to consider the following. Mid-lane is usually a lane that deals damage and by picking a tank you can put your team in a lot of trouble. Make sure that other lanes have enough damage before going for this pick.

AP or Tank?

There are two questions you need to answer before deciding to pick Malphite as a mid laner. Are you picking him just because you want to play AP Malphite who is going to delete enemy carries? Or, do you like Malphite as a champion and are willing adapt his playstyle each game?

AP Malphite works the best when your team has a limited amount of magic damage. Your team should also have some type of front line as you will be a squishy assassin, not a tank. Next, it’s best if the enemy adc has no escapes. Playing against Ashe is much easier than playing versus Ezreal. 

Tank Malphite is the perfect option if your team has a lot of damage but is lacking the front line and engage. It’s even better if enemies have plenty of physical damage dealers. However, if you will be playing against a mage or a poke champion, you will suffer. You will not be able to do anything in the lane so don’t get tilted and remember your job. It’s to engage and tank for your carries. Not to win lane versus Ahri.

AP or Tank Malphite

What To Do At Different Stages Of The Game

Regardless of which iteration of Malphite you go for, expect to have a hard time in the laning phase. It gets a bit easier once you unlock your ultimate Unstoppable Force. It will allow you to set up ganks, or even roam. Continue reading to find out how to play depending on the stage of the game.

Early Game

As a melee champion with a very simple kit, you will suffer. Enemies will abuse you and won’t let you farm. But that’s okay. Malphite isn’t picked to win lanes, he’s picked to win teamfights. Take whatever enemies give you, and try not to get poked out while farming.

Poke the enemy with Q, Seismic Shard, when going for CS. You have a really weak early game so try to avoid fights until level 6. After that, you can roam with your jungler, or even call him to gank your lane.

Mid Game

Things get easier for you in the mid game. Having Unstoppable Force gives you the ability to start a teamfight at a moment’s notice. If there is an objective available on the map, like dragon or baron, group with your team if you don’t have Teleport. If you do, split push at the side of the map which is opposite of the objective. 

As a tank, you can keep splitting until a fight arises and you have to Teleport there. But, if you play AP, you will have much more success if you move into Fog of War after clearing the wave. That means you will move through the parts of the map that you know the enemy doesn’t have warded. And once you see someone isolated, you will be able to assassinate them with ease.

Late Game

At this stage of the game, you are outscaled. As a tank, you will not be able to match enemy split pushers, and as an AP assassin you will not be able to out damage enemy carries. So here’s what you have to do.

If you are playing AP, you have to search for flanks and isolation kills on enemy carries. At this stage they are more valuable than you so it is alright if you trade 1 for 1. Make sure that you have Zhonya’s Hourglass so that your team can follow up and maybe even save you after your kill.

If you are a tank, you will have to start the fights for your team. Look for flanks and the moments when enemy ad carry and mid laner are grouped at the same spot. If you manage to catch both of them with your ultimate that almost guarantees your team is going to win the fight and the game.

best mid malphite build

How To Teamfight

Teamfighting with Malphite is rather straightforward. You have to try to land your ultimate on enemy carries and CC them for your team. As an AP Malphite, you also have to execute them. If you don’t manage to do that, or enemies are too tanky for you to one shot them, you will have a very hard time winning the game.

The best way to start a fight is by flanking the enemy. If that’s not an option, you can use flash and ultimate combination to surprise the enemies. You will cover more ground and they will have less time to react.

Best Build For Malphite Mid

Best builds for champions can change from patch to patch. That’s why you should always keep an eye on patch notes and update your builds accordingly. If you don’t want to theorize about builds, you can find the most popular, and often, the best builds here

If you are building an AP Malphite, don’t ignore Zhonya’s Hourglass simply because it is a defensive item. It is a crucial part of your build that will ensure you stay alive long enough for your team to follow up.

As a tank, don’t build any damage into your kit. Malphite’s base damage numbers are high enough already, and you just need to absorb enemy damage and knock them up..

The worst thing you can do is build a half ap, half tank Malphite. That way you are not going to be able to assassinate enemy carries nor play front line.