Best Heimerdinger Skin – All Skins Ranked

Are you in love with the League of Legends’ wittiest scientist as much as we are? If the answer is yes, then you came to the right place. We will be discussing different skins that this eccentric champion has to find his most unique and best skin.

Professor Cecil B. Heimerdinger is one of the most respected inventors in Piltover. He usually spends his time trying to find answers to the universe’s most inexplicable questions. But his free time is devoted to something else entirely. Something that we all know him for – lethal machinery.

8. Piltover Customs Heimerdinger

piltover heimerdinger

When you have an old champion like Heimerdinger, it’s hard to start any list that includes their skins. Most of them are old and outdated, and frankly, they all suck. But if we had to pick the worst Heimer skin, it would be Piltover Customs Heimerdinger.

In this skin, he is one of the most infamous custom dealers in Piltover. His job revolves around him adding new tech to the vehicles of the rich and famous, but what he really loves is flame paint.

There are two changes on this skin compared to the base one. First, his towers are shaped like engines, with the evolved one being massive. Secondly, he is rocking a red headband with a mechanic outfit. For the price of 975 RP that this skin costs you can find much better things in the shop.

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7. Blast Zone Heimerdinger

blast zone heimerdinger

Being a scientist and inventor is not always easy. You are constantly looking for answers to your wildest questions… or you are tasked by your government to do something that you don’t want to.

And that’s where Blast Zone Heimer thrives. He was hired by several rogue governments to make bombs for them. Needlessly to say, he’s not the most liked person.

There are no new animations or sound effects on this skin. The changes are relatively simple, his towers are colored brown and his hair appears as if he was struck by a lightning. 

6. Hazmat Heimerdinger

hazmat heimerdinger

Here’s a fact: Heimerdinger has a huge head. But why? Is it his big brain, or maybe it’s the constant exposure to radioactive material? To get to the bottom of it he starts wearing a yellow Hazmat suit with green goggles.

This skin costs 975 RP and has several new features. First and foremost, he has a giant robotic arm that helps him fire off his abilities. The skin is dominated by the green color indicating radioactivity. 

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5. Snowmerdinger


At the number 5 spot, we have Snowmerdinger. It is 11 years old and has all of the same features as the base skin. So what makes it special? 

Snowmerdinger is a winter-themed skin that sees Heimer as a snowman. This time it’s not one of his inventions. Instead, it’s magic. He was brought to life by the power of a magical hat. Now, he has a chance to study Snowdown sciences such as snowball trajectory, cocoa cooling speed, and others.

There is something rather comical about seeing a snowman on the Summoner’s Rift. The fact that he hits you with candy canes and his towers are controlled by cute tiny snowmen just adds to the hilarity of the situation.

There’s bad news though. This is a legacy skin so it’s available in the shop only during specific times. If you ever stumble upon it, don’t hesitate to buy it.

4. Alien Invader Heimerdinger

alien invader heimer

Heimerdinger has two legendary skins, and this one is very very old. But, that doesn’t mean it’s terrible! On the contrary, I can say with certainty that Alien Invader Heimer is one of the best old-school legendary skins.

It has a unique sci-fi vibe to it that skin lines such as Project, or Super Galaxy don’t. It feels like seeing an old movie character, but he’s in your game. His dark demeanor and penetrating red eyes make him a dark villain.

In the splash art, he appears much grimmer than in reality. His big head is actually bright green. The only other change comes to his towers which are tiny gamma rays in this iteration.

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3. Pool Party Heimerdinger

pool party heimerdinger

Going from the grim alien invader vibes we are jumping straight to the pool. Heimerdinger’s favorite beach activity is building sandcastles and considering his scientific background, they are certainly magnificent. You can even spot one during his recall animation.

There are plenty of changes that come with this skin so let’s dive straight into it. It might feel like his auto attacks do a tiny bit more damage when using this skin. Now you are certainly wondering how could that be possible. Well, have you ever been hit by a beach shovel? Yeah, it hurts.

His towers run on water and will splash anyone who comes near them. If you think that your enemy is in the mood for some sports, you can always throw a volleyball at them by using your “E”.

2. Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger

dragon trainer heimerdinger

Who doesn’t like Dragons? They are strong, adaptable, and breathe fire! But, no one has seen them in a very very long time. Or ever? But that didn’t stop our favorite yordle. He managed to train his dragons and now they’re always at his disposal.

You can spot them on numerous occasions. They are controlling his turrets, and one is even riding on his huge head. Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger has one of the cutest recall animations in all of League of Legends. A dragon puts Heimer on his back and flies him to the base. How adorable is that!?

Another notable animation is his Storm Grenade which has been changed into an egg. A dragon circles the enemy that Heimerdinger is actively attacking. 

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1. Heimerstinger


Heimerdinger’s newest skin is also his best skin. The eccentric scientist created his own drone bee army to help him beat his opponents on the Summoner’s Rift. He wears an adorable bee outfit and the honey-like colors make this skin very pleasant for the eyes.

There are plenty of new animations that come with this skin, including the changes to his auto attacks. You won’t often find a champion hitting others with flowers (does anyone even play Zyra?). His towers have tiny bee hats on top of the and fire honey at the nearest opponent.

But that’s not all. His W ability, Hextech Micro Rockets, is changed to a bee attack. The potential stinging pain seems worse than being hit by a rocket, or is that just me? Lastly, you can feel fabulous while stunning your enemies by hitting them with a huge daisy!

It costs 1350 RP and is available in the shop all year round.