Best Talon Skin

Talon is one of the most frustrating champions to play against. He can assassinate anyone from level two onwards. On top of that, his E Assassin’s Path allows him to leap over walls almost anytime. That is why he is one of the best roaming mid laners in League. His popularity reached new heights in Season 11. For most of the season, he was one of the strongest champions in the game.

As such, many players started researching his skins and wondering which one is the best. If you are indecisive, or perhaps on a tighter budget, we can see how something enjoyable can quickly turn into something stressful. To help you out, we researched all Talon skins thoroughly to find the best Talon skin in the game.

8. Renegade Talon

Renegade Talon

Renegade Talon was Riot’s effort to present him in a friendlier tone. Talon wears homemade apparel. Both in-game and in splash art, he looks rather plain. There is nothing exciting about this skin. And for the skin that is over 10 years old, you can’t expect much more. After all, it costs only 520 RP.

7. Crimson Elite Talon

Crimson Elite Talon

Similar to Renegade, Crimson Elite Talon is another old skin. There are no new animations on the skins. Furthermore, there are no new sound effects either. The only change is in his appearance. He is dressed up as a member of Crimson Elite. The colors on this skin are plain and boring. In addition to that, his golden helmet doesn’t fit him at all. Due to these reasons and the fact he is priced at 750 RP, we wouldn’t recommend it to you.

6. SSW Talon – Best Budget Skin

SSW Talon

When Samsung White won World Championship in Season 4 everyone was excited to hear Pawn chose Talon as his skin. It was a refreshing change in Talon’s skin lineup. Unlike the previous two skins, it focuses on his assassin identity. He wears simple and casual white clothing. Additionally, his hoodie is hiding the majority of his face helping him remain anonymous. Although it has no new animations, it comes with updated sound effects. There is something special with the way he’s presented. We believe every Talon play should have it in their collection, especially if you are on a tighter budget.

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5. Dragonblade Talon

Dragonblade Talon

In this skin, Talon is presented more darkly. It is the complete opposite of SSW skin. His clothes feature a combination of black and red colors. What makes this skin good, and especially popular with the Talon player base, is his badass-looking cape. Splash art is nothing special though and leaves much on the table. On the other hand, it does come with updated sound effects. Furthermore, you can purchase separate chromas to mix up his looks.

4. Blood Moon Talon

Bloodmoon Talon

Starting with his splash art, it’s hard to pick out that it’s Talon in the picture. There are numerous champions he could easily be mistaken by. Moreover, in-game, he looks a lot like Dragonblade. If it weren’t for his helmet the two skins would be practically identical. They both feature Talon in black and red colors, except in this instance they’re slightly lighter. However, it does come with new animations and sound effects. Admittedly, it’s not exactly worth the price tag of 1350 RP.

3. Talon Blackwood

Talon Blackwood

Blackwood Talon is a pirate who wears cheap-looking clothes. They are patched up and quite bland. During the recall animation, he shows us his treasure chest. Other than that, there is nothing extraordinary about this skin. Yes, it comes with new animations and sound effects. But, which 1350 RP skin doesn’t? Furthermore, just like his appearance, they’re bland and boring. In the splash art, he is seen feasting with Twitch and Taric.

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2. Enduring Sword Talon

Enduring Sword Talon

After the success of SSW Talon, it was obvious Riot is going to try to replicate it in a similar fashion. Enduring Swords is what they came up with. It follows its simplicity and combination of blue and white colors. His clothes have a combination of various blue tones while his hair is white. Along with that, his cape endings are golden. It’s one of his newer skins. Correspondingly, it comes with updated animations. His splash art is particularly beautiful and is the best among all of the skins.

1. Withered Rose Talon – Best Overall

Withered Rose Talon

The best Talon skin right now is Withered Rose Talon. It was released at the beginning of 2021. Firstly, let’s start off with his splash art. He takes a secondary role to his sister Katarina. From the get-go, it has a supernatural aspect to it with purple and green colors. Undoubtedly, the best part of this skin is its animations. They have many minor details in them such as rose leaves falling from his blade. Likewise, when using his gap closing spells there is a trail of leaves following him. Riot managed to connect the secrecy of assassins with a fantasy theme that is dominant in League of Legends. If you are not happy with his original appearance, you can get one of his many chromas.


There are several themes when it comes to Talon skins. We’re sure you’re going to find something that you like. Withered Rose Talon simply sweeps the competition. It is priced relatively low at 1350 for the number of things you get with the skin. Do note though that this list is based on subjective opinion and that it doesn’t represent the public view. So, if you like a skin that we ranked low, don’t worry.