Best Trundle Skin – Guide To All Trundle Skins

Are you tired of just being another troll, uhm, I mean Trundle, in everybody’s games? If yes, then it’s time refresh his look with a new skin. To simplify that process we dove deep into all of Trundle’s skins and found the best one. Can you guess which one it is?

7. Traditional Trundle

Traditional Trundle

Champions as old as Trundle are often outdated and ugly. But that’s not the case for this bat-wielding troll. He was one of the first champions to get reworked and modernized. However, Riot didn’t want the old Trundle to vanish.

That’s where Traditional skin comes from. It features the original feel of Trundle so that players can jump into a time machine and experience his first iteration. If you are longing for that Trundle nostalgia, this skin is exactly what you were looking for.

But there are a few bad things about this skin. It is currently located in the legacy vault, meaning you have to be very lucky to get it through the Loot system or hope that it shows up in the shop during League of Legends’ special events. Secondly, at 975 RP it is quite expensive skin considering that he has no new animations. 

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6. Junkyard Trundle

Junkyard Trundle

Riot… Just because Trundle is a troll it doesn’t mean we have to place him next to the junk. But since you did, he took it as an opportunity and became a king of Wasteland!

He is rocking a bright orange mohawk and has an eyepatch on his right eye. In the game, the skin feels very cheap. It does follow the junkyard theme but we’d much rather see it with some colorful junk. The gray metallic color that dominates this skin is rather monotonous.

But hey, if you want to smack your enemies with the car’s exhaust then this skin should be your priority.

5. Worldbreaker Trundle

Worldbreaker Trundle

Considering the name, this skin is a major disappointment. The only thing that is getting broken here is your wallet. It costs 7500 RP and the only change compared to the base skin is Trundle’s appearance. And that’s not a positive change.

In my opinion, Worldbreaker Trundle is an ugly skin. I mean, how do you manage to make the troll look even worse than he originally looked? He’s bright blue and wears some sort of armor. 

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4. Lil’ Slugger Trundle

Lil Slugger Trundle

We all have certain dreams that we didn’t accomplish and unfortunately had to let go. It’s just a part of growing up we all do. But it seems no one told Trundle about it. 

Even after being rejected by all of the teams in baseball’s minor and major leagues he’s still determined to make it. Can you imagine showing up for your little league baseball game just to see an 11 feet troll on the enemy team? Ouch. 

Lil’ Slugger Trundle is Trundle’s budget skin. It costs merely 520 RP and should be affordable for most of the community. But that does mean it has its limitations. 

Firstly, there are no new animations whatsoever. If you buy this skin you will have to be content with his wardrobe change. He wears a baseball jersey with the number 86 on his back. He also has a cap, and of course, a baseball bat.

3. Constable Trundle

Constable Trundle

Trundle is not a popular champion by any means. He has a small, but the dedicated player base and occasionally sees playtime when the meta allows it. But still, when starting this article I definitely didn’t expect to see a skin that costs 750 RP and has no new animations or sound effects this high up the list. It speaks volumes to how little attention Riot gives to Trundle. Hopefully, that changes in the future.

Now, what makes Constable Trundle good? The idea behind it. With his partner Volibear at his side, Trundle is a police officer with some killer goggles. His outfit looks very clean with little to no unnecessary details. Even his pillar is changed to a giant traffic cone. 

If you end up buying this skin, here’s what to do. The moment you load to the game, imagine enemies as thieves trying to steal a win from you. Now you have a reason to run after them and hit them with your club. And if they try to run, simply place a traffic cone in front of them and slow them down. 

2. Fright Night Trundle

Fright Night Trundle

Trundle’s newest skin falls short in several areas. The biggest change is in his size. The model appears smaller compared to other skins, or even the base model itself. Thus, Trundle is less intimidating and looks weaker. Also, the black and orange colors used in this skin make him appear cartoonish. 

Now onto the good side. Many new animations come with Fright Night Trundle. My favorite is the change to his Pillar. If running into an iceberg wasn’t scary enough, how about running into a haunted house? 

As it’s now common with new skins, there are plenty of chromas that you can purchase to give the skin a new look.

It might just be me, but when I play Trundle I want to feel powerful and unbeatable. That is something I am not getting out of this skin. 

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1. Dragonslayer Trundle

Dragonslayer Trundle

Undeniably, the best Trundle skin is Dragonslayer Trundle. It has all of the base skin’s best features, but they’re better. There are new animations, a new recall, new sound effects, and even chromas. The price stands firm at 1350 RP and the only chance you can get it cheaper is if it goes on sale.

Here’s everything that is awesome about this skin. Trundle has metal armor with diamond-like horns. His skin tone is white which can be seen on his face and his beard.

Upon using the Q ability Chomp he breathes ice before eating the enemy. During his recall animation, he grows wings and freezes everything around him. It looks spectacular!

Some other changes include a frozen ground while Frozen Domain is active and 5 unique chromas. 


Trundle doesn’t have many skins, and the ones he has are frankly, quite bad. Most of them are outdated and have no new exciting features whatsoever. And the ones that do kinda missed the whole point of who Trundle truly is. There’s a lot of potential for a great Trundle skin, but it seems like the player base will have to wait a while longer before it comes.