Best Orianna Skin – Ranked From Worst to Best

Orianna is often regarded as the queen in the mid lane. Regardless of what the current meta is, she always manages to find her way to the Summoner’s Rift. The lady of Clockwork was once just a regular girl. It all changed when she became gravely ill and her body had to be replaced with clockwork.

Her skin collection includes some rather questionable designs while others are spectacular. We reviewed each of them to find the best Orianna skin.

8. Sewn Chaos Orianna

Sewn Chaos Orianna

Sometimes Riot releases skins that are simply not good. With this skin, they managed to up the bar. Sewn Chaos Orianna flopped terribly and is a candidate for one of the worst skins in the game. There is nothing good about it. It looks cheap, ugly, and changes nothing when you get to the game.

If you own this skin, then you are better off using Orianna’s base version.

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7. Gothic Orianna

Gothic Orianna

Even though her life was saved spectacularly, Gothic Orianna could never leave the dark behind. She wears a purple corset and skirt combination. Riot didn’t meddle with the animations so they’re the same as her original skin

That being said, it costs only 520 RP so we can’t be too picky.

6. Bladecraft Orianna

Bladecraft Orianna

When greeted with her splash art I thought that the skin was stunning. But upon loading in the game it all changed. Her hair is purple rather than pink and the details on her body can hardly be seen. On the other hand, they can be easily spotted on the orb.

You would think that a skin for 975 RP will at least have a new recall, but that’s not the case here. There are no new animations and sound effects. Instead, you are paying exclusively for a change in her clothing.

5. TPA Orianna

TPA Orianna

Throughout the Season 2 World Championship the most popular mid laners were Orianna, Karthus, and Anivia. At the time Toyz was perhaps the best Orianna player in the world. He piloted her to 4 wins and 0 losses with a whopping 23 KDA. It’s no surprise that he chose her to represent him in the League of Legends universe forever.

First and foremost, there are no major changes. Orianna wears TPA’s outfit and her auto attacks are slimmer. It costs 750 RP and while it might not mean something to an average player, this skin is a part of League’s history and a great addition to any collection.

4. Heartseeker Orianna

Heartseeker Orianna

As we have previously established, Orianna is more of a machine than she is a girl. This Valentine-themed skin brings out her humanity. Sadly for her, humans are still scared of her.

Her auto attacks are shaped as hearts and she’s controlling a huge cake! All of the blades from her base skin are replaced by hearts perfecting this theme. 

Heartseeker Orianna costs 1350 RP and it is a legacy skin. If you like it, keep an eye on the store and grab it as soon as it becomes available.

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3. Winter Wonder Orianna

Winter Wonder Orianna

Speaking of legacy skins, Winter Wonder Ori is one as well. This strange clockwork girl serves in the court of the Poro King. It’s slightly cheaper and costs 975 RP.

The best part of this skin is her orb. It is replaced by a poro. Secondly, a snowflake briefly appears on the ground upon using her W. 

Lastly, her recall is a true show. The spectacular ballerina performs in front of her poro friends. Winter Wonder Ori is the cutest Orianna skin. 

2. Dark Star Orianna

Dark Star Orianna

Dark Star Orianna is unlike any of her previous skins. It thrives in destruction and fear. A big weakness with this skin is its splash art. It’s hard to even recognize it’s her in the picture. One could easily mistake her for Nocturne.

But there are also good sides to it. First and foremost, her spells are really hard to spot. Her orb is thinner compared to her other skins. Because of that, your enemies will often get a false sense of security.

Furthermore, her orb is basically a universe. Her auto attacks are stars and her ultimate ability Command: Shockwave is a black hole.

During her recall animation, Orianna can be seen dancing through the cosmos and destroying planets with ease. 

Dark Star Orianna costs 1350 RP.

1. Pool Party Orianna

Pool Party Orianna

Finally, we reached the end of our list. Poop Party Orianna is the best Orianna skin. And here’s why.

It’s the summertime and Ori is more than ready for it. She’s rocking a pink swimsuit and a charming hat. In addition to that, her old metallic orb is replaced by an adorable blue whale.

In this skin, Orianna’s auto-attack is a starfish. Whenever her orb, or in this case, whale, is not attached to her, a seashell is seen below it. Additionally, whenever it hits an enemy they get splashed with some water. How cool is that?

Upon using her W, Command: Dissonance, an area of water appears and players can even see fishes swimming in it. When she uses her E on herself or on an ally, they are protected by blue seashells. Last but not least, her ultimate ability splashes water everywhere like a tsunami.

Pool Party Orianna costs 1350 RP and is available in the shop all year round. 


There are only several good skins for Orianna so it’s important to choose the best one available. The biggest part of her kit is her orb. As such, there’s a tremendous value on it. With that said and the things we discussed earlier, it’s easy to see why Pool Party Orianna is her best skin.