How much money have I spent on League of Legends?

Have you ever opened your Skin collection in League of Legends and wondered how much money you spent on them? We sure have! While skins make us look cooler while we are penta killing noobs on the Rift, purchasing many of them can be quite pricey. But who doesn’t like the thrill of rocking a new skin instantly after the release?

What can I buy with money in LoL?

League of Legends uses 2 currencies for purchasing items in the store. They are Blue Essence (BE) and Riot Points (RP). We are going to be taking a closer look at RP. Riot Points are a currency obtainable only by purchasing them with real life money. With them you can unlock a variety of different things, such as, chromas, skins, champions, chests, keys, passes and much more.

Is buying Skins worth it?

Playing the same champion over and over again can get quite repetitive, and frankly, boring. Purchasing a new skin for your favorite champion can relinquish your love for them. They also allow you to stand out from other players, not everyone is worthy of Spirit Blossom Yasuo like you.

For some players, playing with skins can give them more confidence which gets reflected in their play. While the saying skins don’t buy wins might be true, owning them could definitely help you get towards that higher MMR.

Can Skins make me play better?

In reality, skins can both make you, or not make you play better. If you are struggling with confidence on a certain champion, playing with their skin could make you feel more comfortable and bring you to success. Furthermore, some skins have abilities that look different than their base ones so you could confuse your opponent. Or even, some skins make their abilities look bigger so they are easier to hit.

On the other hand, there are also skins that make your champion and abilities less visible which will again throw your opponent off balance. These are only some of the examples of how skins can make you play better, but in the end it all depends on you.

Should I have multiple skins for the same champion?

Sometimes we really fall in love with a champion and can’t imagine ourselves playing anything else. As we are destroying towers, slaying enemies and getting those wins, the love starts fading away. A moment comes when you are reluctant even selecting your, what used to be, favorite champion.

Getting a new skin for them will make you fall for your old love once again. Luckily Riot releases new skins all the time, so unless you are an Ornn main, you will have no trouble changing your champions appearance regularly.

How to check how much money did you spend on LoL?

If you own a lot of collectibles, counting how much money you spent on them could get quite confusing. Luckily, Riot has their own calculator that will help you out. Follow our steps below to check how much money did you spend on League of Legends:

  1. Go to this site: Spent on LoL
  2. Log in
  3. Press “Show me the money”

Money spent on LoL

Even though it is free to play, there are many ways to spend your money in League. An average gamer will spend several hundreds of dollars during their playing days.

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How to spend less money on LoL

New skins, emotes and ward skins among others get released frequently to the game. Owning all of them is something that only a handful of players are capable of. If you are like us and want to spend less money and still enjoy having a lot of skins and other accessories read on.

Every week 15 skins, and 5 champions get put on sale. Checking the shop weekly could save you a lot of money, and is one of the best ways to get cheap skins.

The only other option that would come close to weekly sales is a limited My Shop. Riot adds it to the client every few months and you are provided with personal discounts for 6 skins that are related to the champions you play the most. Sadly, My Shop is not always in the client so it is the best to snatch up those deals whenever it comes.

If you are not looking for any skin in particular, you can have a lot of fun opening chests and getting random skins. If you do not like the ones you get, or even own some, you can re-roll them and unlock a random permanent skin. You also have a chance to get extremely rare loot currency, Gemstones.

As the last resort, simply stop purchasing new RP.

How to get more RP?

Riot rarely, or never, does RP giveaways in any shape or form. You can obtain more Riot Points by purchasing them from the Store in client by using various payment methods. There are also League of Legends RP cards that you can buy at your local store which can be redeemed in the client. Another way to get more RP is by winning tournaments over sites such as ChallengerMode. Small RP prize is rewarded for the winners and can soon add up!


Not everyone spends the same in life. Some people prefer having a variety of different things, while others keep it low. It is the same in League. Just because someone owns all 16 Ezreal skins does not mean they don’t enjoy having them the same as you do for owning just 1. Everyone has different tastes and different things that they enjoy.