Best Swain Skin – Ranked From The Worst To The Best

The legendary ruler of Noxus is a ruthless visionary. After losing his hand in the Ionian wars and being cast down, his urge for power only grew stronger. With his new demonic hand and an army behind him, his enemies stand no chance. If you are still not sure who we are talking about, it’s Swain!

This old champion has been reworked in Season 8 but still didn’t find his place in the game. He’s mostly played in the top lane, or as a support. While his play rate is among the worst ones, his community is extremely loyal. We took a look at all of his skins and ranked them from the worst to the best. Enjoy!

6. Northern Front Swain

Northern Front Swain

On his release, Swain received 2 skins. Compared to nowadays when new champions receive only one new skin on their release, in the past they used to be getting two. The first one of them was Northern Front Swain. It costs 750 RP.

The Grand General was sent to carve through the ice in this winter-themed skin. He has a white coat and an eye patch. His demonic hand glows blue, and his spells are blue as well. His birds on this skin are white.

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5. Bilgewater Swain – Best Budget Skin

Bilgewater Swain

After getting tired of the life of the dictator, Swain took off and became a pirate. Now, his days are reserved for searching unfortunate vessels full of loot. It costs only 520 RP and is affordable for the majority of the players.

Even though it is extremely rare for skins this cheap, BIlgewater Swain has several new features. Firstly, his birds are replaced by colorful parrots to match his exotic look. He is shirtless, but he still has a signature coat. With feathers decorating his coat and multiple minor details, it’s Swain’s most colorful skin.

4. Hextech Swain

Hextech Swain

When talking about exclusive skins, Hextech ones are on top of the list. They are extremely hard to acquire due to their cost. You have to exchange 10 Gemstones to get one of them. Limited skins are always ranked lower because we want to be able to buy the best skin, not drool over it.

The skin is based on blue and purple colors. Once a player uses Swain’s “Joke” animation, he feeds his pet birds with gems. Gemstones can also be seen during his W ability, Vision of Empire. 

3. Tyrant Swain

Tyrant Swain

Swain, as formidable of a human that he is, was still not a match for an ancient demon living beneath Noxus. After being defeated dark energy took over his body and changed Swain forever.

His body is overwhelmed by dark energy making him green. It can also be seen in all of his abilities. During the Q he hits an enemy and leaves a trail of feathers. The best part of Tyrant Swain is surely his ultimate ability. He transforms into a huge green bird. In addition to that, Riot changed his voice to make him sound spooky. 

If you want this skin, you’ll have to set aside 1350 RP. 

2. Crystal Rose Swain

Crystal Rose Swain

If you like Swain’s human side, then you are definitely going to love this skin. In this skin, he is accompanied by Zyra at the Festival of the Crystal Rose. It costs 1350 RP and also has several colorful chromas.

Swain has green hair and wears an elegant white tuxedo with a coat. The main theme of the skin is the crystal rose which is seen practically everywhere. From the get-go, he creates one during his recall.

Following that, tiny petals are seen at the edge of his Q. The rose can also be seen in the middle of his W where it arises from the ground. Upon entering his ultimate, he transcends his human body and grows wings. This is a bit of a change from the other skins where he turns into a bird or a monster. He shines brightly and the roses are seen everywhere within his ultimate’s radius.

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1. Dragon Master Swain – Best Overall

Dragon Master Swain

Once a Dragonslayer, Swain was consumed by the dragon’s power. He got corrupted by the monsters he so desperately wanted to destroy. Thanks to that, we got this amazing skin to the game that I’m proud to call the best Swain skin.

Starting with the changes, there are updated animations, sound effects, and even new voice lines. This skin has a few additional voice lines combined with a voice filter making this skin completely unique.

His dragon pets can be seen throughout the skin, but nowhere more than his recall. They surround him protecting him from the outside world and carry him to the base. His E, Nevermove, has a face of a dragon.

But that’s not everything. I saved the best for the end. After using his ultimate, he transforms into a great dragon. If you use his Q he spits fire onto the enemies. Amazing!

Dragon Master Swain costs 1350 RP which is a great price for his best skin.


Swain doesn’t have many skins so choosing his best skin was relatively easy. While Crystal Rose Swain is the newest one, it is overshadowed by Dragon Master Swain. On the other hand, if you are not looking to spend a lot of RP, I recommend Bilgewater Swain. It costs just 520 RP and is a great value for the price.