Ping and FPS in League of Legends (LoL)

When it comes to online games, such as League of Legends, ping, and FPS are one of the most crucial things that determine your performance and gameplay. Pro players say that even a minor change in their ping can improve, or degrade their gameplay quality. In our article, we will explain the importance of Ping and FPS in League of Legends, as well as show you how to see your ping and FPS in LoL.

What is Ping in LoL?

Ping is a round trip time between your computer and the host and is measured in milliseconds. It takes into account how long it takes for your computer to contact League of Legends servers and for them to respond to you.

Ideally, your ping should be as low as possible. We believe anything below 60 MS (milliseconds) is an ideal ping in League of Legends. Furthermore, if your ping is 30, that means it is two times faster than someone’s whose is 60.

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How to show Ping and FPS in LoL?

By default, your ping is hidden in game. You can enable it by pressing CTRL + F. If that does not show your ping and FPS in the top right corner, keep reading our guide in order to enable it:

  1. Press ESC button on your keyboard to open the Settings Menu
  2. Navigate to Hotkeys
  3. Then go to Display
  4. Press on the Set 1 box in the “Toggle FPS Display” command
  5. Press CTRL + F on your Keyboard.
  6. Press Done

Show ping in lol

You can now show your Ping and FPS by pressing CTRL + F. Furthermore, you can edit these settings also in the client before you go into the game.

Will lower ping help me climb?

Certainly! We believe there is a correlation between player ranks and their ping and fps. The lower ping and higher FPS players have they have higher chances of reaching better ranks and higher MMR. Lower ping will help you with your mechanics and give you more time to react. It should also improve your decision making and it is bound to make you a better player. Just keep practicing!

How can I improve my Ping?

As we have explained before, Ping is the round-trip time between your computer and the League of Legends servers. It is also heavily affected by your internet speed. Here are our 5 tips for improving your Ping in League.

  1. If your internet speed is not sufficient enough for your household’s needs explore other deals and try to increase your internet speed. Depending on your Internet speed, even Youtube videos, or Netflix could heavily impact your in-game ping and make it high and unstable.
  2. Pause all of the downloads in progress. Also, make sure your Windows Update is not active or that someone in your household is not downloading something on their phones.
  3. Change from Wi-Fi to a wired connection. Wi-Fi connection can make your Ping fluctuate due to different reasons and is generally unstable. Wired connection is a go-to when it comes to online gaming.
  4. Move your Laptop closer to the router if you are unable to use the wired connection
  5. Make sure you are playing on the right region. If you are located in the United States, your ping will be lowest on the NA server, while it will be much higher on the Europe West server that is located further away from you.

Is FPS important in League of Legends?

Just like Ping, FPS can heavily impact your LoL performance. Imagine you are in a game deciding teamfight. You are about to win it and win a game, and the unthinkable happens. Your PC freezes and the next thing you know your Nexus has exploded. This happens due to the low FPS (Frames Per Second).

Your FPS output is limited by your Monitor’s Refresh Rate. Meaning, if your Monitor supports only 60 FPS, that is the highest display it can achieve. Although you will not be able to see the difference between 60 and 100 FPS, we highly recommend 100+ FPS. This will result in a smooth gameplay throughout the game and will not make you lose that precious LP.

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How To Improve Your FPS in LoL

Whether it is you want to make League of Legends run faster on a laptop or a PC, same process is involved. In order to avoid situations where your game is lagging and making your gaming experience miserable, we need to make sure your game has the optimal settings for your computer. Follow our points in order to achieve your perfect FPS settings in LoL.

  1. Make sure you have no other programs running in the background
  2. Lower down Video Settings
  3. Turn Off Shadows
  4. Uncheck “Wait for Vertical Sync”
  5. Check “Hide Eye Candy”
  6. Uncheck “Character Inking”
  7. In the “Interface” tab Uncheck “Enable HUD Animations”
  8. In the “Sound” tab, check “Disable All Sounds”
  9. Update your Drivers
  10. Update your Windows

improve fps lol laptop

improve fps league of legends

If you have done everything that we mentioned on our list above and your FPS is still not optimal, look into upgrading your PC or laptop.


FPS and Ping are really important when it comes to your League of Legends gameplay experience, as well as your in-game performance. If you can somehow lower your Ping you should definitely do so.