How much time did you waste on LoL?

League of Legends recently celebrated its 10th birthday. While the game’s growth has certainly slowed down over the year it is still most popular video game on the planet. Whether you are a League veteran, or a newcomer, you are surely curious on how much time have you wasted on LoL. While no app or website will ever be 100% precise, we compiled a list of most popular ones that you should give a try.

Was your time really wasted?

An old saying goes “doing something you love is not a waste of time”, but why do we still sometimes feel like that? After a heart crushing defeat or a big loss streak, we are left with thoughts of why are we even bothering playing this game. Just imagine all the different things you could have done if you weren’t playing League. But that’s just a recency bias.

When that happens it’s important to remember everything that League gave you. Along hundreds of games of fun, you most likely made new friends, or even met a love of your life. You learned about other cultures and various things you wouldn’t have known without playing the game.

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How can I check how much time did I waste on LoL?

  1. League Client Stats

With the arrival of the new League Client, many new features were added. One of them were new and improved Stats. If you navigate to your profile you will see a tab called “Stats”. In it there is an option to view how much time have you spent playing the game in what season. This is the most accurate tool to measure time spent on lol, but it does not track data before 2018.

Wasted on LoL

  1. Wasted On LoL

Most popular website when it comes to checking how much time did you spend playing league of legends is definitely WoL. It has a fairly simple and straightforward interface. Just put your summoner name, select your server and you will be presented with the results.

Funnily enough they also show how you could have spent that time differently, like watching movies and reading books. While it was accurate on some of the accounts that we tested, it was way off on the others. So, if your results are not what you are expecting, bear in mind the tool is not 100% correct.


Just because you have spent a lot of time on League, it does not mean it was wasted. I certainly spent a lot of my time on the game, and I’m hoping for many more years of fun and excitement!